DC Comic Book Movies

When it comes to films featuring popular DC comic book characters it has been a hit or miss in terms of accuracy, continuity, and staying true to the source material. Comic books are a tough nut to crack because there are so many variations of the character’s story.

In 1977, Superman, starring Christopher Reeve was the first major superhero film that did very well at the box office and pleased fans of the character. It was directed by a man who loved comic books. But when it came time for the sequel there was falling out between the director and producers of the film because of the film budget forcing Richard Donner to leave. The remaining 3 films were directed by a man who wasn’t a fan of Superman, loved comedy, but was directing them as a favor to the producers. That’s why they were comedic films unlike the first Superman movie.

In the mid 1980’s, Batman and Batman Returns starring Michael Keaton were major hits as well. Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman in 2005 was also a huge success. But fans were still wondering why a Justice League movie hadn’t been made.

Then in 2013 they tried to reboot the Superman franchise again with the “Man of Steel.”

The Man of Steel was a good movie despite the many religious scenes portrayed in the movie. So was Wonder Woman. And so was Aquaman. But Batman v Superman and Justice League? Those movies could have been better if the studio released them AFTER they had made all solo character movies including a Flash, Batman, and Cyborg movie first.

One thing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe did right was start with solo character movies first before making the Avengers movie. This way you get a fresh introduction to all the characters you love and grew up with before bringing them all together like in the comics.

I understand that Warner Brothers was trying to catch up with the MCU. But in my opinion they rushed it thinking fans would enjoy Justice League without introducing some of the characters that didn’t have a solo movie prior to the film.

And even though Batman is one of the most beloved characters in DC comics and everyone knows his backstory, shouldn’t he have gotten his own solo movie? Superman surely did. So why didn’t Batman?

One character above all others in the series that I absolutely hated was the actor picked to portray Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg didn’t even act like Lex Luthor. He acted more like the Joker than anything else. A very strange choice for an iconic villain who has hated Superman since he came to Earth.

I was never a fan of Ben Affleck’s acting. So I didn’t like him playing the role of Bruce Wayne. He just didn’t fit the role which gave him a huge backlash by the fans. I couldn’t see him playing the billionaire playboy. In fact, Affleck said in a GQ magazine that he lost his enthusiasm and passion for playing Batman.

However, the one place DC does excel at with their superhero characters is animated films. I have watched every DC animated film and loved every one of them. I was never disappointed. Strangely enough the MCU does better in live action films than it does with animated films. I guess DC found their niche.