Is Bigfoot Real?

There is a mysterious creature that has been seen all over the world and has been called many names over the centuries. Bigfoot. Yeti. Abominable Snowman. Ancient Devil. Skunk Ape.

But what is Bigfoot? Where do these names come from? Let’s step into my time machine and travel back to 1967 in Bluff Creek, California.

Two men, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, are on horseback with their cameras hoping to spot a mysterious creature called Bigfoot that became famous after photographs of large footprints were published in the newspaper after a logging crew, several years earlier, found the footprints.

They continue on their journey when, to their surprise, they spot the large bipedal creature which causes the horses to panic, forcing Patterson to start filming while trying to hold his camera steady. Luckily, he manages to film the large hairy creature as it walks off into the thick brush never to be seen again.

This captured film became the most famous piece of footage ever captured of Bigfoot and remains controversial to this day. Since that unforgettable day Patterson and Gimlin have come under attack numerous times for allegedly hoaxing the event. Soon the men fell silent and stayed away from the media and anyone who tried to discredit them.

Years later Dr. Grover Krantz, a cryptozoologist, examined the film closely and determined it to be real along with the creature after examining numerous casts of the creature’s footprints all over the country but came under intense scrutiny from his colleagues.

Thousands of people worldwide have spotted the creature now known famously as Bigfoot. Most have only been eye witnesses while some have claimed to capture Bigfoot on camera though most have been declared hoaxes or misidentification.

While those in the Bigfoot community continue to try to gather proof of the Bigfoot’s existence, there is one piece of evidence that has withstood the test of time: Hundreds of castings of the Bigfoot's footprint.

Scientists like Dr. Jeff Meldrum and the late Dr. Grover Krantz have studied these castings and have come to the conclusion that there is a large hairy bipedal creature roaming our forests around the world making these prints.

Many continue to ask the question, where Bigfoot come from? Is it the missing link between man and ape? If so, then why is Bigfoot so much taller than us? Is it the ancestor of Gigantopithecus? Possibly as some researchers have speculated. Or is there a more paranormal link with Bigfoot as some eyewitnesses have reported seeing a UFO in the vicinity of the creature. Is it an alien being?

No one knows the true origins of Bigfoot yet but there is strong evidence to suggest the Bigfoot might be interdimensional. Why? Well, where does Bigfoot live? How has it been able to avoid man for so long? Why has one never been caught? Does Bigfoot live in our vast underground network of caves inside the Earth or is Bigfoot a spiritual creature that can move between dimensions on our planet?

Whatever the case is, there is something out there that people are seeing and it isn’t your typical animal.

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