Pine Gap

When you think about secret military bases you think about Area 51, a base that became famous after Bob Lazar exposed it to the world during an interview with George Knapp on KLAS-TV in Las Vegas in 1989.

But have you ever heard of Pine Gap? If not, then you’re not alone. Not many people have. Pine Gap a military base that rarely gets mentioned when talking about conspiracies or government secrecy.

In late 1966 during the Cold War, a joint US-Australian treaty called for the creation of a US satellite surveillance base in Australia. They chose a remote area, just like Area 51, called Pine Gap not far from Alice Springs so they could recruit local residents to work at the base. Pine Gap is partly run by the CIA, NSA and NRO (National Reconnaissance Office).

Officially Pine Gap was used for space research, nuclear treaty monitoring and missile launch detection. At the end of the Cold War Pine Gap's focus turned towards a global monitoring system to fight the war on terror such as monitoring long distance phone calls and detecting ballistic missiles from satellites.

So what’s the conspiracy regarding Pine Gap? If you guessed aliens and UFOs, you’d be right. Despite the official explanation of what goes on at Pine Gap, there are some researchers who believe that a massive alien base resides underneath the base.

Alex Collier claims that it is an underground facility that was strictly built by the CIA. And there is a tremendous amount of activity going back and forth to the Moon from that area. This area also happens to be almost dead center in Australia, which is aborigines country. He also says that like the Bermuda Triangle, Pine Gap creates a vortex allowing things to be transported to the Moon and Mars.

Many UFO sightings have been reported around the area of the base leaving many to speculate that Pine Gap is more than just a place used to spy on everyone who makes a phone call or anyone who shoots missiles into the sky.

But is there any proof of these claims? Sadly, no. Unlike Bob Lazar, who put the spotlight on Area 51, no one is willing to come forward who works at Pine Gap to disclose anything about it outside of the official explanation.

I would like to believe there is more than meets the eye going on at Pine Gap considering I’m a true believer in aliens and UFOs but until someone comes forward we can only speculate at this point.

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