The Reptilian Agenda Part 2

In the Reptilian Agenda Part 1 I discussed the ancient history of our galaxy, the reptilians and the origins of humans. In this blog I will discuss the modern history of the reptilian agenda and the plan to conquer Earth. I will use sources from William Tompkins, Alex Collier, David Icke and Len Kasten, just to name a few, to tell the hidden history of our planet.

According to Tompkins the above image is a reptilian tanker that disperses gases into the atmosphere. These gasses are used for mind control of the population and the disbursement of viruses. No one can see these ship with the naked eye.

Tompkins explains that most of the world’s leaders are reptilian shapeshifters. He also says that humans are assisting them. Some are doing it willingly for power, such as the cabal or deep state, while others have no choice in the matter since they are being mind controlled.

Luckily there are good ET races here on Earth as well working with humans to rebel against the reptilians. Some have called this group the “White Hats.” So all hope is not lost. In fact, many like Alex Collier have said that humanity will be liberated in the end, meaning the end of the reptilians and the cabal have come to an end.

Tompkins has said in the past, before his death, that the “reptilians assisted the Nazis during World War 2. He says the allies lost the war and there was a secession of hostilities on both sides at some point, but no victory. The Nazis fled to Antarctica but also were the first humans to land on the moon and establish a base there alongside the reptilians.

NASA was aware of ancient buildings on the far side of the moon prior to landing. One “building” of note was crystalline in nature, about 200 stories high, rectangular and hovered over a mile above the surface.

Seven Massive Reptilian ships overflew the lunar module on it’s way to the moon. They each in turn proceeded to land on the surface of the moon overlooking the area where the lunar module was to land. They knew where we were going ahead of time. This would explain why many believe the moon landings to be a hoax.

The Nazi’s have also continued out into the cosmos in coordination with the Reptilians, to conquer worlds to expand the Reptilian footprint of domination.

However, benevolent extraterrestrials, primarily the Blues and Nordics, worked with Public Corporations and Universities on above top secret projects in conjunction with NASA and the armed services, for the development of an advanced secret space program.

In addition to the massive ships hovering just over the surface, hundreds of nine foot tall Reptilians were on the ground underneath the crafts. Neil Armstrong said that they were trying to intimidate them.

Prior to the footage shown to the world, walking down the capsule ladder saying “one small step..”, the crew placed a Masonic Plague on the surface of the moon and took pictures, thereby declaring the Mason’s ownership of the moon. Next they placed the Masonic Flag in the ground and took more pictures.

US Military outposts have been established throughout the solar system and beyond with the aid of ET technology including anti-gravitational and electromagnetic propulsion.

Rumors have surfaced that reptilians share underground bases with the human elite such Area 51 and Pine Gap.

Tompkins explains that Life extending/reversing technology does exist, and the US Government has it, in the form of either 4 rounds of shots or 4 small pills taken over several months. Males in the program are regressed to the average age of 29 while females to the average age of 21. Similar technology was given to selected Germans by Reptilians during WWII.

In addition to reverse aging, this technology increases brain capacity from our current 2% to 3% to 400% to 800%. Nordics and Blue ET’s possess extended life, some 2,000 to 3,000 years, and enhanced brain capacity.

The fact that we only use 2% to 3% is due to Reptilian interference for thousands of years. The artificially shortening of human life and the reduction in brain capacity is to ensure no one can figure all this out.

Luckily, people around the globe are starting to wake up and realize something is very wrong with our way of life and the history we have been taught in school. They are beginning to see that they are being lied to at the highest levels of government.

Not only that the benevolent ET races that are here are assisting us behind the scenes. They are covertly taking out the reptilians without starting a global war that will kill millions of innocent humans in the crossfire.

We have reached a time in our history where everything will soon change for the better. But to get here humanity has to go through a dark time before reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

Because the reptilians, along with the human cabal, have enslaved us for so long, much healing will need to be done once people are exposed to the truth about the lies, horrors, and enslavement that have been kept hidden from them for centuries.