The Roswell Incident

Although the creation of the Federal Reserve was, in my opinion, an important moment in the history of significant events connecting this great conspiracy—along with Admiral Byrd's discovery of a Hollow Earth—I am writing about, we must also focus on the non-human side which continued in 1947 during World War 2.

In June of 1947 something crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. When the debris was found by rancher, William "Mac" Brazel, he took some of the debris to Sheriff Wilcox who then called the Roswell Army Airfield and claimed that the debris was from a flying saucer.

A few days later Major Jesse Marcel and Brazel went back to the ranch to investigate the crash and more of the debris. Marcel concluded that this could not have been any kind of weather balloon since he knows what the material from a weather balloon looks like since they fly them all the time.

During this time Marcel took a few pieces of the debris home with him and showed it to his wife and son. It looked like tin foil but when he folded it and cut it the material reformed back to its original shape. His wife and son were shocked by what they had seen. They claimed the material was not of Earth. It couldn't have been knowing that tin foil is not capable of such a thing.

Meanwhile, army officers at the Roswell base examined the debris for themselves, soon realizing that the “Tin Foil” metal could not be cut easily. When they tried cutting it with a diamond drill the metal again simply reformed. Colonel William Blanchard, the base’s commanding officer, called General McMullen in Washington to inform him of what had been discovered as well as sending samples of the material to him.

The very next morning Blanchard orders his public information officer Lt. Walter Haut to issue a press release stating that what crashed near Roswell was a flying saucer. Later that day Blanchard receives a call from his superiors in Washington who are angered about the press release. Blanchard is confused by their reaction but orders Marcel to fly to Fort Worth to meet with General Ramey and show the press the wreckage.

The next day another press release was issued claiming that what crashed outside Roswell was a weather balloon. Nothing more.

But the story doesn’t end there. Small "child-size" bodies were reported to have been seen at the crash site. When the army called Glenn Dennis, Roswell's mortician, they had asked him for child-size caskets which he did not have. At first he thought some children had died but later had confirmed that he had seen the alien bodies that would be put into his caskets.

Despite the government's insistence that it was a weather balloon—later to become Project Mogul—many conspiracy theorists to this day are unconvinced at the government's claim.

In 1978, nuclear physicist, Stanton Friedman interviewed Jesse Marcel about the Roswell crash. Marcel never backed away from his original story that what crashed in Roswell was not a weather balloon. He never believed the government's claim. Even his son later told Friedman what his father brought home that night and the strange metal he saw.

After interviewing hundreds of witnesses, Friedman discovered that there was a second crash site in Roswell—one that Marcel did not see—where alien bodies were recovered and taken to the Roswell army base as claimed by Glenn Dennis who was called by the army if he had any child-size caskets available.

Bob Lazar, a scientist working near Area 51, claims that the alien bodies and Roswell wreckage ended up at Area S4; another secret military not far from Area 51.

Friedman would later write a book about his research called “Crash at Corona” which can be purchased on Amazon today.

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