The Starlink Satellites Mystery

A few days ago it was reported in the mainstream media that 39 Starlink satellites had fallen out of the sky due to a solar storm. As I have written in a previous blog, "Operation Mockingbird," the mainstream media never tells the truth. They only report lies to suit their agenda.

The solar storm theory does not make any sense if you use logic to deduce this fairy tale. Here's why the solar storm does not hold water. Why were only the starlink satellites affected by this storm? Why weren't other satellites affected as well? What makes them so special?

First, let's discuss what Starlink is and why it is so important to the cabal and the Earth alliance.

Starlink is satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX founded by Elon Musk. It is supposed to be the future for the world wide internet replacing the current internet we all use today. Today's internet allows the cabal's propaganda to be read by anyone with access. There is a lot of false history the cabal has posted on the internet that needs to go. They can take down websites if they so choose.

Once the cabal have been completely defeated, the internet will be taken down and Starlink will be world wide web of tomorrow. It will be faster, safer, and free according to some. Starlink is supposed to prevent any propaganda from being published.

Because the mainstream media never tells the truth there are several theories as to what actually happened that day.

Theory 1: The cabal knocked Starlink out of the sky with advance weapons in their possession. The current internet is one of the ways they are able to brainwash people.

Theory 2: The satellites weren't Starlink but in fact cabal satellites taken out by the positive secret space program.

Theory 3: From the video footage available online it doesn't look like it was 39 Starlink satellites. It looked more like just a dozen or less.

Theory 4: Some people have speculated it was technical glitch with the Starlink satellites. If that is truly the case then why blame the incident on a solar storm?

Whatever the reason is you cannot trust the media to report the truth.

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