The Titanic Conspiracy

Everyone knows about the infamous ship that struck an iceberg on the night of April 14th, 1912. Most people believe it was merely an accident or incompetence by Captain Edward Smith. We know he knew about the iceberg warnings he received on that voyage but chose to ignore them thinking that the ship was unsinkable. Yet there are some today who believe that what lies at the bottom of the Atlantic is not the Titanic, but her sister ship the Olympic.

Impossible? Right? Maybe.

If that conspiracy theory doesn't hold any water there is another one floating around out there that claims the sinking of the Titanic was all about murdering three men to ensure that the creation of the Federal Reserve remained a secret from the public.

Let's start with the Olympic theory.

It's all about an insurance claim according to some researchers after the Olympic, on September 20th, 1911, collided with the British cruiser HMS Hawke, damaging a large portion of her hull resulting in a twisted propeller shaft that had to be replaced.

The Royal Navy blamed the Olympic for the disaster. Because of this finding, White Star's insurers Loyd's of London allegedly refused to pay out on the claim. This would keep the Olympic out of action until Titanic's completion date.

To ensure the White Star Line would not lose any financial revenue, a decision was supposedly made to patch up the Olympic and convert her to become the Titanic and when the Titanic was complete she would be known as the Olympic from then on.

How would you switch the two ships' names without anyone noticing? It would have to be a task carefully planned out as well as making sure workers in the yard who worked the graveyard shift were paid extra to keep silent about the work the senior staff had asked them to do.

Once the switch was successful without anyone asking questions, since there was no media roaming about at the time looking for a story, the Olympic, now known as the Titanic, set sail on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic and hit an iceberg on that fateful night.

The only evidence I've seen that points to the possibility that the Olympic remains at the bottom of the ocean instead of the Titanic is when Robert Ballard, who found the ship, photographed some of the letters on the side of the hull that make out the letters “M” & “P.”

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy

This theory, which surfaced a few years ago, alleges that the sinking of the Titanic was to kill off three men in opposition to the creation of the Federal Reserve; John Jacob Astor IV, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isidor Straus.

The man behind this murder was none other than J.P. Morgan who not only helped create the Federal Reserve but also owned the White Star Line.

It is alleged that Morgan paid off Bruce Ismay who in turn convinced Captain Smith to ignore the iceberg warnings while traveling across the Atlantic so that the ship would hit an iceberg and sink, and ensure that women and children were to board the lifeboats first so that the three men Morgan wanted to kill off would sink with the ship.

Now there is no direct evidence to claim this theory is true except for the fact that when Titanic's maiden voyage took place, J.P. Morgan had reserved the most expensive living quarters on the ship and never made it on board claiming instead that he was sick. Yet when a reporter found him on holiday with his family at the same time the Titanic was at sea this claim raised some eyebrows with researchers in later years.


So what lies at the bottom of the Atlantic? Was the sinking of the Titanic to ensure the creation of the Federal Reserve? To learn more about the history of the Federal Reserve check out my blog on that topic by clicking the link here.