The Wokeness of Hollywood

During the last few years, starting in 2015, Hollywood has joined the woke movement of diverse representation, social justice, and identity politics, which has caused a stir in the fans who like to watch television and movies. This has caused division amongst movie fans with hatred spewing back and forth between the woke crowd and non-woke crowd.

This was no accident. It was all by design by a group of people who have been running this planet since the reign of the Roman Empire. They have been called many names. The cabal. The globalist. The Illuminati. No matter what they are called they have only one goal in mind. To keep humanity from uniting and standing up against them. And using Hollywood to do this is one of the ways they do this.

It seems it all began in 2015 when George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney and handing control of the company to a lady name Kathleen Kennedy who promised George she would handle the characters and stories that he created with the utmost care. Well, she lied when George no longer had control.

The sequel trilogy of Star Wars caused more division amongst fans then the prequel trilogy did. Kennedy didn't keep her promise to George about honoring the fans of the past. She destroyed story and character with the sequel trilogy.

The same thing can be said for the Lord of the Rings. Everyone loved Peter Jackson's films that honored J.R. Tolkien's books based on Middle Earth. But then when Amazon bought the rights to the Lord of the Rings, and the trailer for the new show "The Rings of Power" came out, it was obvious they completely botched the lore that Tolkien had created before he died.

And this is what the cabal wanted. To use popular movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to distract humanity from uniting against them.

Humanity is beginning to wake up to this nefarious group's existence but they will not give up their power so easily. The phrase "divide and conquer" is what they use to maintain their power over us. By dividing us and keeping us arguing amongst each other, it is distracting us from the real problems behind the scenes. The cabal doesn't care about wokeness or identity politics. It's all distraction. They know they are losing their power but will do anything to keep it for as long as they can.

The Central Intelligence Agency is mainly responsible for creating this movement of wokeness. They don't care about wokeness as long as it keeps us distracted from uniting against the cabal.

Watching entertainment can be a enticing thing but let us not lose focus on the real enemy behind the scenes. Only by uniting as a race can we truly defeat an enemy that has enslaved us for centuries.