Who Murdered Marilyn Monroe?

Everyone knows her name. She was one of Hollywood’s greatest sex symbols. She was so popular she appeared on the very first cover of Playboy. She was loved by millions. She married men like Joe Dimagio and Arthur Miller.

But despite her enormous fame Marilyn Monroe was never truly happy. She struggled with addiction to drugs and mood disorders. Some speculate it was genetic coming from her mother while others assume it started when she began taking pills.

Marilyn’s family life remains somewhat of a mystery. No one knows who her father was since her mother, Gladys Baker, married an abusive husband that supposedly never gave birth to her. Even though Gladys married again she divorced only after a few months.

Her mother’s mental disorder put Marilyn in foster homes until she was old enough to marry. But even her first marriage to Jimmy Dougherty ended in disaster. She never really loved him. She only married to stay out of foster care.

Her big break came in 1944 when she met photographer David Conover who took a few pictures of her to boost morale for female workers. From there her career began to take off. Before she knew it she became an actress starring in many popular films. But at the beginning of her acting career Marilyn was introduced to nembutal, a drug that treats anxiety and insomnia. She soon became addicted to it, taking it everyday until her death in 1962.

Although an overdose of the drug was the official reason for her death, many researchers and historians believe that she was murdered because when they had researched the results of the official autopsy no drugs were found in her gut yet the press never took notice of this.

So if she was murdered? How? And by whom?

A year before her death Marilyn had met John F Kennedy at a dinner party in 1961. It has been speculated that JFK had an affair with the actress. During this time it is believed that JFK had told Marilyn the truth about the Roswell Crash in 1947.

It is alleged the CIA had killed her to prevent her from speaking out about Roswell. If so, then how did Kennedy know about Roswell? According to Andromedan contactee Alex Collier, the Cuban Missile Crisis wasn’t about the retaliation of American deployments of missiles in Italy and Turkey. It was about Nikita Khrushchev learning, thanks to a Soviet spy in the CiA, about the agency keeping UFO technology a secret from the Russians and not sharing. When Khrushchev asked Kennedy to share this knowledge, Kennedy didn’t know anything about it. So Kennedy demanded that Allen Dulles come clean on what the CIA knew. Dulles denied all knowledge of a spacecraft or alien bodies. So Khrushchev threatened him by placing missiles in Cuba.

In a documentary called “Unacknowledged,” Dr. Steven Greer, a doctor and UFO researcher, shows a declassified top secret document showing that the CIA had tapped Marilyn’s home phone and because John and his brother Robert Kennedy had refused to see her anymore she was threatening to go to the press about what JFK told her regarding Roswell.

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