X-Men Franchise

As a huge comic book fan I was disheartened by how the X-Men Movie franchise was handled when it came to an end with the Dark Phoenix. Fox really screwed up this franchise in more ways than one. It seems as if they cared more about the money than they did making fans happy when it was all said and done.


The franchise got off to a great start. The first X-Men movie was great. I like how they introduced all the characters and told a cohesive story despite the allegations against the director Bryan Singer. Hugh Jackman, I thought, played the perfect Wolverine. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen played their roles as Charles Xavier and Magneto to near perfection. However, some X-Men characters did not show up in the first movie as I was hoping they would but they would show in later movies that turned out to be a huge disappointment.

X-Men United

The second movie, X-Men United, was still quite good. All of the actors from the first movie reprised their roles in this film with a few new characters added like Nightcralwer and Lady Deathstrike. In this movie we learned about Wolverine’s past which was a different take than what I read in the comics. Wolverine still got his adamantium skeleton from Weapon X but in the comics he got it from Professor Oyama who is the father of Lady Deathstrike. In the movie Lady Deathstrike has no romantic relationship with Wolverine like she does in the comics. Also, in the movie Colonel William Stryker is responsible for Weapon X. Not Oyama. Why they chose to go with this story was quite a disappointment but I learned to accept it.

X-Men Last Stand

This movie is where I started to become disappointed with how they were handling the franchise. First they killed off Cyclops for no apparent reason other than to explain that he couldn’t live without Jean Grey anymore even though she came back after dying at the end of X-Men United. Then they made Juggernaut a mutant which he never was in the comics. In the comics he was also the half-brother of Charles Xavier but not in the movie.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Because Hugh Jackman was the star of the franchise Fox decided to make an origin movie on him hoping it would rake in huge profits for the studio. It did not. Why? For starters they had gotten new actors to portray two main characters from previous films. William Stryker and Sabertooth. Tyler Mane, who played Sabertooth in the first movie and Brian Cox, who portrayed Stryker in X-Men United, did a great job in their roles. So why get new actors who look nothing like their counterparts?

And why did they butcher the character of Deadpool? Sure, Fox redeemed themselves with the Deadpool movies which were great but it seems there was no advanced planning when creating this franchise it seems. They seem to think the fans are going to love this movie simply because it has Wolverine in the lead role again.

X-Men First Class

How did the X-Men come to be? This movie explains that although it doesn't quite follow the same storyline as in the comics. A few characters are missing from the team. Iceman, Angel, Cyclops, and Jean Grey. Instead we get characters like Mystique, Havok, and Banshee. Beast is the only one on the team who was also part of the team in the comics.

I thought Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy portrayed their roles as Magneto and Xavier very well but this movie should have been first in the series since this is the origin of the X-Men. Then you build up and plan ahead from there.

X-Men Days of Future Past

I really liked this movie even though in the comics Kitty Pryde was the main character of the story. Here, because Wolverine was the star character, it was decided that Wolverine would travel back in time to stop the creation of the Sentinels, who have taken over in Earth’s future. When Wolverine succeeded in his mission it completely erased the timeline of the first 3 movies making them now irrelevant to the franchise. The post-credits scene of this movie leads us to the next movie in the franchise.

X-Men Apocalypse

In the comics the character of Apocalypse has always been huge. He was twice the height of any other character with the exception of Juggernaut, Thanos, and the Hulk. In this movie he was the same size as the other characters. I was very disappointed with this. He didn’t look or appear intimidating like he did in the comics. Sure he had great powers but why didn’t they make him appear bigger like the Marvel Cinematic Universe did with Thanos?


I could go on and on about how unorganized and sloppy this film series was made. What happened to this franchise? Why was it done so poorly without much consistency and character build up? Why did Fox do it this way? The answer is simple. They had no plan. They just made it up as they went along. Were they planning on a film series this big from the beginning? It’s very doubtful. Money seemed to be their main goal. Not making loyal fans happy about the characters and stories they grew up reading.

If you’re going to make a film series on something popular like the X-Men you need to do a few things before you even consider it. First, you need to be a fan yourself. You also need to be knowledgeable about the characters and stories. But above all else you need to plan ahead like Kevin Fiege did with the MCU.

Also, write an outline for the movies you want to make ahead of time instead of coming up with them at the last minute. Have your actors sign contracts for all the movies you plan on making so they portray the same character in all your movies. If you think you’re going to make billions of dollars thinking the fans will come see the movies on the title alone without caring how sloppy and unorganized the movies are then don’t even bother trying.